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Contained within this report are safety statistics tracked internally and by national. To assess the statelevel selfreported prevalence of falling asleep. How a drowsy driving community health initiative made a. Asleep at the wheel a national compendium of efforts to eliminate drowsy driving pdf, 1. A safety analysis of fatigue and drowsy driving in the state of utah 6. This report is intended to help governors highway safety association ghsa member state highway safety offices shsos and their partners better understand the cause and effect of drowsy driving and identify how best to address it in their respective states andor communities. The prevention of drowsy driving team seeks to continue to change. Drowsy driving is the dangerous combination of driving and sleepiness or fatigue. A new report from the governors highway safety association ghsa, wake up call. Drowsy driving 19 states and the district of columbia, 20092010. According to the national sleep foundation, about half of u. Us graduated driver licensing laws by state drowsy. Drowsy driving is a growing problem in the united states, and the risk, danger and often tragic outcomes of drowsy driving are sobering. The key to combatting drowsy driving, according to the report called wake up call.

This brief summarized the results based on data collected from 2016 through 2017 compared to those collected from 2014 through 2015. Traffic deaths rose almost 8 percent in the united states in 2015. The aaa report states that drowsiness, dozing off, entering the early stages of sleep, andor switching off for micro sleeps lasting more than a second are implicated in up to 40 percent of serious accidents, substantially higher than the 32 percent ascribed to drinking and driving. Drowsy driving corridors were located on interstates 15, 70, 80, and 84 as well as united states routes 89 and 91. Car crashes rank among the leading causes of death in the. Template drowsy driving language for state driving manuals curriculum, and exam questions background drowsy driving is common on u. Drowsy driving is dangerous and often results in injury or death. National highway traffic safety administration nht national heart, lung and blood institute, national institutes of health. And its taking a toll an estimated 5,000 lives were lost in. Pdf drowsy driving is a dangerous behavior that leads to thousands of deaths and injuries each year. Nonhispanic whites were less likely to report drowsy driving than other racialethnic groups. The commission also took oral and written testimony at a public hearing on november 6, 2008 to discuss a draft report, which was released weeks earlier. Although numbers and percentages differ, most experts agree that drowsy driving is an important traffic safety issue and the public agrees.

Drowsy driving is a major problem in the united states. Driver alertness, attention, reaction time, judgment and decisionmaking are all compromised leading to a greater chance of crashing. Drowsy driving and risk behaviors 10 states and puerto. Driving while drowsy can have the same consequences as driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Understanding drowsy driving and what states can do, points out that nearly 83. Of the 4,567 drowsy driving crashes in 2016, 397 involved commercial motor vehicles cmv. Drowsy driving is not just falling asleep at the wheel. The law specifically amends the state s vehicular homicide code to include drivers. Drowsy driving tailgate safety talk new york state. Thus drowsy driving crashes across the united states are.

But those states have had limited success convicting drowsy drivers under the statutes, according to a 2016 report by the governors highway safety association ghsa, which represents state. If this estimate is accurate, it suggests that more than 5,000 people died in drowsy driving related motor vehicle crashes across the united states last year. The 2009 massachusetts special commission on drowsy driving, based on a different research methodology, estimated that there could be as many as 1. In a 2002 nhtsasponsored gallup survey, 95% of the driving population considered drowsy driving by other people to be a threat to their safety.

A report, sponsored by the national center on sleep disorders research ncsdr of the national heart, lung, and blood institute of the national institutes of health, and the national highway traffic safety administration nhtsa, provides direction for a ncsdrnhtsa educational campaign to combat drowsy driving. Drowsy driving related violations as the result of a crash have risen 38 percent since 2012. Most people associate impaired driving with alcohol or drugs, but in this situation, sleepiness is the primary cause. This usually happens when a driver has not slept enough, but it can also happen because of untreated sleep disorders, medications, drinking alcohol, or shift work. Report to the house and senate appropriations committees describing collaboration between national highway traffic safety administration and national center on sleep disorders research. National drowsy driving awareness week in november of 2007. The state of highway safety summary report is intended to provide a snapshot of current trends, future goals, and the strategies needed to improve highway safety in the commonwealth. Drowsydriving data collection and reporting by law enforcement. There is a general recognition among the highway safety community that educational initiatives are a primary mechanism for reducing drowsy driving. State of the states report on drowsy driving, 20state%20of%20the%20states%20report. Around 5,000 people were killed last year due to drowsy. Among the states that used the sleep module, drowsy driving prevalence ranged from 2. Falling asleep at the wheel or the inability to pay adequate attention while driving may be a result of being sleep deprived.

In 2016, ghsa published a firstofitskind report, wake up call. National center on sleep disorders research and office of. Empire state legislators also are considering ab 970, which would require holders of commercial drivers licenses to be tested for sleep apnea. Drowsy driving awareness new york state department of health. Drowsy driving was associated with other sleeprelated char. Understanding drowsy driving and what states can do was released today by the governors highway safety association ghsa, a nonprofit organization representing state. The state enacted a resolution that designates november 19th each year as drowsy driver awareness day. Although official government statistics suggest that drowsy driving only contributes to approximately % of motor vehicle crashes each year in the united states, results of in depth studies suggest that the true prevalence is likely much higher. However, this report is not intended to be inclusive of all drowsy drivingrelated. At the hearing, commissioners discussed the issue of drowsy driving and the dangers associated with it. Drowsy driving is dangerous and authorities are starting. The citation that is most used with drowsy driving related violations is careless driving.

The national highway traffic safety administration estimates that every year there are 100,000 drowsy. Recently there have been legislative efforts to reduce the number of drowsy drivers on the road. Whether fatigue is caused by sleep restriction due to a new baby waking every couple of hours, a late or long shift at work, hanging out late with friends, or a long and monotonous drive for the holidays. Drowsy driving 19 states and the district of columbia. The american automobile association aaa estimates that one out of every six 16. State report booklets these pages are meant to help students create state report booklets that are thorough and interesting. Drowsy driving 19 states and the district of columbia, 20092010 article pdf available in mmwr. Encourage students to make their own pages for the categories not shown here and to. Drowsy driving is implicated in 100,000 car crashes per year, which leave 71,000 people injured and 1,500 dead according to the national highway traffic safety administration. Provided by the insurance institute for highway safety alabama alaska.

The american driving survey collects and analyzes data related to driving patterns of the public in the united states. Total fatalities, alcoholimpaired driving fatalities and percentage alcoholimpaired, by state, 2014 suggested apa format citation for this report. The risk, danger, and often tragic results of drowsy driving are alarming. State of the states report on drowsy driving, accessed on 1511. Drowsydriving data collection and reporting by law enforcement 7. Research on drowsy driving national highway traffic. Further, data indicate 80,000 individuals fall asleep at the wheel. Template drowsy driving language for state driving manual. A safety analysis of fatigue and drowsy driving in the. Pdf asleep at the wheelthe road to addressing drowsy driving. Furthermore, state route 36 also had two drowsy driving corridors. So far, new jersey is the only state with a drowsy driving law, having passed maggies law ab 47 in 2003. The highest numbers of drowsy driving crashes occurred on state and local roads between the hours of 4.

And, drowsy driving was a factor in crashes that claimed about 5,000 lives last year, a new report shows. Understanding drowsy driving and what states can do. New york state started the new york state partnership against drowsy driving, a coalition that teaches officers to be on the lookout for erratically driven large trucksbuses, which might indicate signs of distraction, alcohol or drug impairment, andor drowsy driving. A national compendium of efforts to eliminate drowsy driving. This report presents data regarding drowsy driving. Develop and promote model drowsy driving laws for states evaluate effectiveness of existing and new laws promote corporate fatiguemanagement policies develop fatigue risk management programs for highrisk professions such as ems and public safety explore potential of graduated driver licensing gdl laws for reducing drowsy.

Educational attainment was not associated with drowsy driving. This study provides updated estimates of the prevalence of selfreported drowsy driving based on data from a nationallyrepresentative survey of drivers conducted in 2015. Prevalence of selfreported drowsy driving, united states aaa. According to a british survey, one in eight drivers reported having had such a.

State of highway safety summary report penndot home. Report urges tired drivers to get some sleep, stay off roads the report says 5,000 people were killed in 2015 in drowsy driving cases. Prevalence of selfreported drowsy driving, united states. A greater collaboration with state agencies, such as law enforcement, schools, hospital organizations, and the trucking industry could be particularly useful to expand the reach of the social media campaign and have a greater impact on the public health issue of drowsy driving. Each page features a category of state symbol or other state fact commonly requested on most state reports.

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